Gather your group of friends for an intimate experience focused on beauty and fashion routines you can rely on.



Although it begins from within, we offer a genuine process head to toe where you can trust in your personal style plan and take action to feel confident in any situation. Own it.



Deep from our professional back pockets we aim to clarify and get focused on real facts and helpful tips. Forget the daily overload of info and get clear about what works best for you.




Leave with full plans to get excited about refreshing your wardrobe and makeup bag. Say hello to investment pieces and products that don't just make you happy but make perfect sense.


Let's Get Started

Here is what to expect: 

  1. Inquire through the form on our schedule page.
  2. We'll send you details info about pricing and everything in between.
  3. Gather your 6 guests.
  4. Let us know where you'd like to have the workshop (Your home? Mom's house? Friend's living room? Our studio? Your studio? We can do this anywhere comfy- you just tell us what works.)
  5. We'll send you a list of dates we have available. Talk over with your group and let us know what date works best.
  6. Once the date and time is hashed out and set, we send over an invoice via square. Once paid, you and your ladies are confirmed.
  7. We'll see you at your workshop!

    Easy right? Just imagine how your morning routine can look after we get to it!

How It Works

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Who You Are

Wondering if this is right for you? This workshop is a good fit if you...

  • Struggle with knowing what to buy while shopping for personal items like clothing and makeup.
  • Feel stifled in your personal style inspiration (New Job? New Baby? New Chapter? Or just plain need a change?).
  • Want to talk more about possible hairstyles that will work for you.
  • Want to refresh your skin care and makeup bag and routine. 
  • Want to save time in the morning by relying on a high quality self-curated makeup bag and closet that actually fits who you are. Oh yea, we are talking ready in under 20 mins... We know, so freeing. 

We are all about putting the overall process and your feelings first- products and clothing second- allowing you to get a clearer mindset when actually going to purchase a new investment piece or product. We believe in confidence, happiness and feeling like the truest form of who you are. 

Who We Are

Founded by Lauren Hartman and Diana DuHaime, our intimate workshops hit all the right notes in creating a purposeful process for personal style head to toe.


With the help of our professional knowledge and insight, we'll steer you onto a path of creative freedom within your fashion and beauty choices. Feeling connected to the reason behind your personal style gives way to happier shopping trips and confidence in your own skin.



Helping women define their personal style and find clothing that makes them feel confident is what inspires me. I started Trousseau Style when I was engaged and searching for a little white dress for our engagement photos. I had zero time to go shopping but I knew I wanted a dress that made me feel amazing. When I finally found the dress, I realized I couldn’t be the only girl with a hefty appetite for perfection and limited time. So, I started personal shopping for brides-to-be and since then, Trousseau Style has become so much more. Now, I work with women to help define their personal style and build wardrobes that reflect who they are today. I understand the lifecycles women go though and how sometimes your wardrobe tells the story of the girl you were 5 or 10 years ago. It is my goal to give women the tools (knowledge and clothing) they need to easily get dressed every morning in an outfit that makes them feel like a boss! My typical day involves lots of shopping! Whether I’m shopping at the mall, boutiques or online, I’m always shopping with intention. You’ll never see me buy something just because it’s on sale or because it’s the “season’s hottest trend”. If it doesn’t earn a spot in my client’s wardrobe, it isn’t purchased. 




Creating beautiful hair and makeup is my favorite. Orchestrating a team of artists capable of any kind of look, client need and event has been a career choice I can not beleive I am so lucky to do everyday. It is amazing to be involved in the fashion and beauty industry as well as the wedding industry. Both have served up true friendships and unforgettable creative opportunities. Typically my day to day is spent organizing bridal trials and weekends full of glamming up brides and their parties for me and my team. I also feel super lucky to be involved in editorial work locally and in NYC during the week. Teaching private lessons to clients and artists is another way I get to spread my wings. Being in someone's personal space and making them feel amazing- whether it's through learning new skills or getting dolled up- is an honor.  With over 10 years under my belt, I always get excited for opportunities where I can share my experience, knowledge and excitement for an industry that is constantly evolving and growing. Inside Style Workshop definitely fuels my need to connect with women who desire a faithful routine that allows them to be effortlessly courageous and confident on the daily.

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